Is a combination of a data and media companies to create and activate GDPR Compliant Media

Specialist in the activation of Programmatic Media with Intelligence and Data for the last 8 years.


Privacy Tech 100 percent focused on the collection, organization and activation of First Party Data for the past 4 years.


What is GDPR Compliant Media?

A solution that uses the attributes of both ROIx and GDB to create Media combined with Consented Data for Programmatic buyers to buy. The combination creates guaranteed GDPR Compliant Media for the publishers to offer and for the advertisers to purchase.


A smart solution to combine consented 1st party data from both publishers and advertiser in a Deal_ID that can be purchased at any DSP


A 100% Compliant GDPR Ecosystem that provides transparency, security and effectiveness for both media buyers and media sellers.


Guarantees Compliance and effectiveness for all Media activations without having to share, buy or sell data that could be non-compliant.


Reduces company’s risk and liability in regards to GDPR compliance while incresing user’s privacy and experience.

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